Identified, registered and verified HH queue for cash distribution in Aburoc and this has increased access to capital, and meeting other basic needs.

Community, Stakeholder, Local authorities in Tonga meet to discuss selection criteria and the targets of the project

NRDC staff do orientation of beneficiaries together with local authorities, stakeholders and women representative, the briefing addresses mechanism used in the project and targeted number of beneficiaries.

Selection of able bodied men for the cash for work activity in Aburoc


Who We Are

National Relief and Development Corps (NRDC) is a registered multi-sectorall NGO founded in 2001 by a South Sudanese in Nairobi- Kenya; the organization started operating in Upper Nile state in 2003 and later Central Equatoria. NRDC comprises of local networks of young women and men from conflict, postconflict and vulnerable communities of South Sudan. Presently, NRDC operates in the states of Rumbek, Upper Nile and Central Equatoria and has a head office in Juba Thongpiny, Kololo, American Embassy road,
opposite TM-lions HoteL with sub-offices in Malakal, Kodok, Aburoc and Tonga.



A society free from poverty. It is instructive to note that NRDC’s perspective of poverty is broad-based; it entails intellectual poverty, economic-livelihoods poverty, health poverty – and indeed – environmental poverty!


To improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities through promoting and fostering a culture of self-reliance and self-sufficiency in food production and provision of social services.

Core Values

1. Self-reliance.
2. Collaboration.
3. Respect for human rights.
4. Active participation.
5. Accountability and transparency.

Our Partners / Donors